My Advocacy Background

I have been a strong advocate for non discrimination since my high school days.
I started seriously in the 60's advocating for African American rights: through my church and working with Saul Alinski.
This continued through to Johnson's civil rights act; I continued working on voting rights for the poor and people of color.
Even though I was in the service, I have been a war protester from Vietnam through the current imbroglios in the Middle East.
For the past two years I have focused on transgender rights and prison reform.

The transgender work includes gaining anti-discrimination legislation in Albany County,
several presentations to local government agencies, and participating in University panels.
I was also an organizer of a transgender workshop in Philadelphia this year.

Finally, I am a co-founder of a Times Union of Albany blog, Transgender Talk and a Facebook page, Affirming Transgender Rights, offering a wide range of transgender topics.

Affirming Transgender Rights

RSS Times Union – Transgender Talk

  • Just say no to compromise repeal of House Bill 2 March 31, 2017
      North Carolina has lost an immense amount of money over boycotts by sports teams and organizations and by cancelled plans by companies to house facilities in North Carolina because of House Bill 2, the state law that discriminates against transgender people in restroom use and prohibited localities within the state from protecting LGB and
    Byrgen Finkelman
  • Giant steps backwards for civil and human rights March 21, 2017
    As our nation spirals out of control with hatred and civil and human are taking hard hits, we join together to discuss the legal issues facing transgender individuals. Many of these issues were recently thought resolved. Join us, this Thursday, March 23rd 2017, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m., at Albany Law School, 80 New Scotland
    Byrgen Finkelman
  • The local impact of a Nationalistic ideology (a guest post by Kate T) March 2, 2017
    Oh, how the tenor of this country has changed in the last two and a half months.  Since soon after the election of our current President, those among us who have racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic, homophobic or transphobic beliefs have felt emboldened to act on those beliefs.   Before you brush this blog off as just
    Byrgen Finkelman