Global Strategy (MGMT 540)

This is the capstone course for The School of Management’s Executive MBA Curriculum taught on-site at a Southern Tier corporation. The course is based upon a strategy simulation “StratSim.” StratSim is a business strategy simulation game based on the automobile industry. Through this simulation environment, students focus on the following issues:


  • Developing a business mission and implementing a profitable long-term business strategy.
  • Defining customer needs and creating products to satisfy them.
  • Analyzing competitors and understanding their strategic intent.
  • Continuing to refine and develop the corporate infrastructure necessary to sustain growth.
  • Negotiating relationships with other firms, which are mutually beneficial.
  • Allocating resources among products, functions, and investments.



International Marketing (MKTG 570)

The MBA international marketing course focuses on cross-cultural marketing that occurs across national boundaries. The objectives of the course: (1) for students to discover, understand, and apply cross-cultural marketing: it concepts, theories, processes, and issues and application.; (2) for students to learn multiple source research skills; (3) for students to learn practical business communications skills. Proficiency is demonstrated through a semester-long assignment each student team has with a non-US business.

Management for Non-Managers

Management For Non-Managers is a distance-learning, multi-media course on managing in the new economy presented by the Center for Leadership Studies at the School of Management of Binghamton University.

The course syllabus outlines the course objectives and the methodologies to achieve those objectives.

Learning does not happen in a vacuum. When learners take an active role in the course, challenge the assumptions, understand each other’s perspectives, and collaborate to build a learning community, great things happen. The instructional team actively participates in all discussions via WebBoard, live chat and webcast sessions, and email/telephone.

Organizational Communications (501)

Bus 501 focuses on the development of clear written communication and oral presentation skills. Students a variety of communication techniques, formats, and processes for sharing organizational information. In addition, this course examines the use of audiovisual and electronic media to enhance the quality of presentation and communication. The student will learn how to develop effective memoranda and reports, plan effective briefing and public presentations, and utilize audiovisual and electronic media.