International Experience


BA, Philosophy, Wayne State University, 1963

MA, Anthropology, Wayne State University, 1967

DBA, Business Administration, City University of Los Angeles, 1979



2001-present Visiting Professor, Binghamton University School of Management, University of Sofia (Sofia Bulgaria)
1999-2001 Visiting Professor; Binghamton University School of Management, University of Sofia (Sofia Bulgaria)
1999 Director Undergraduate Studies
Visiting Professor, Binghamton University School of Management, University of Sofia (Sofia Bulgaria)
1997 Visiting Professor, Binghamton University School of Management
1996-1997 Dean, Binghamton University (SUNY) School of Management
1995 – 1996 Visiting Professor, Binghamton University (SUNY) School of Management. Teaching at the undergraduate and graduate (MBA) level. Visiting Professor at the American University in Bulgaria.
1993 – 1995 American University in Bulgaria as a Fulbright Scholar. Teaching in Business Administration. Appointed Visiting Professor (1995). Also appointed Visiting Professor at Southwest University in Blagoevgrad (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria). Maintained Binghamton University position of Lecturer.
1991-1993 SUNY Binghamton School of Management. Teaching at the undergraduate and graduate (MBA) level. Executive on loan from Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals.


1980-1991 Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Norwich, New York
Positions held:
Vice President, Business Development
Vice President, International Operations
Vice President, Japan, Africa, Asia
1977-1980 Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Illinois
Position held:
Director of Business Development, Pharmaceuticals
1974-1976 Spring Mills
Positions held:
Vice President for Special Products, New York
General Manager, Indonesia
1962-1974 Early career in the US, Australia, and Indonesia with the Upjohn Company and the Schering Corporation.


Small Business Consulting
(Sofia, Bulgaria) – – Food and Wine exports to EU, Japan, and the US.
(Asenovgrad, Bulgaria) – – Carpet Exports to the UK and the US.

American University in Bulgaria
Curriculum Committee
Accreditation Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Faculty Assembly Chair
Finance Committee
President’s Advisory Committee
Faculty Board Representative

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Chairman, Far East Regional Committee
Vice Chairman, Japan Advisory Committee

Public Service:

Community Relations
Fulbright Student Selection Committee (Binghamton University) 2000 – Present
Edmund S. Muskie/Freedom Support Act Fellowship Program – MBA Selection Committee – 1997 – Present;
Edmund S. Muskie/Freedom Support Act Fellowship Program – Ph.D Selection Committee – 2001 – Present
Chair, Fulbright Review Panel for SE Europe – 1997
Fulbright Review Panelist for SE Europe. 1995 – present
Selection Committee, Fulbright Program in Bulgaria. 1993-4
Joint Embassy School Board, Indonesia. 1970-1975
Vice Chairman, Indonesian-American Friendship Society. 1974
Selection Committee, Fulbright Program in Indonesia. 1970-1975
President, US Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. 1970-71, 1974-75


Teaching Skills
My teaching experience has been in academic settings and in the corporate world. My student and peer evaluations in both have been in the “excellent” category. Students have included Bulgarians, Albanians, Chinese, Japanese, Thais, Indonesians, Filipinos, Europeans, Latin Americans, Australians, Arabs, Canadians, and Americans.

1. Introduction to International Business (junior course)
2. International Management Behavior and Area Business Knowledge (MBA)
3. International Marketing Management (MBA)
4. Global Marketing (MBA and senior courses)
5. Marketing Across Cultures (MBA & senior course)
6. International Marketing Strategy (junior elective course)
7. Global Management (senior Capstone course)

1. Global Marketing
2. Product Positioning
3. New Product Planning
4. Writing Product Recommendations

1. Field Selling Systems
2. Understanding and Meeting Customer Needs
3. Territory Management


I have a 35-year, first-hand vantage point on Europe and its post-war development. I am married to a European who has extensive understanding of Eastern Europe. Between us we speak German, Spanish, French and Bulgarian. From 1958 to 1961, I lived in Germany, spending 2 years with the military and 2 years at the University of Munich, where I enrolled in philosophy and anthropology courses. From 1975 to 1983, I did business in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, traveling extensively in France, Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia. From Fall 1993 to Summer 1995, I lived in Bulgaria on a Fulbright Teaching grant at the American University in Bulgaria. Follow-up scholarship and research was conducted during the summers of 1996, 1998 in Bulgaria.

From 1966 to 1975 I lived in Indonesia where I negotiated three joint ventures, built two plants, and established a successful trading company. In addition to normal business activities in Southeast Asia, I traveled extensively through Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong to learn about the peoples and cultures. My business activities in North Asia began in 1972 with the Asia Pacific American Chamber of Commerce. I later coordinated marketing and clinical programs in Japan and assumed general management responsibility for the country in 1980. Since that time I have negotiated several license arrangements, two strategic alliances, and a long-term business strategy. I have extensive business contacts in Japan with Japanese nationals and foreign residents.

Latin America
My anthropological field work in Mexico formed the basis of an MA dissertation on compadrazgo and padrinazgo systems. My work experience includes managing the construction of two plants and developing marketing and business plans for pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and The Caribbean.

Middle East
I have traveled to the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia) since 1983. I have a good understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and methods of doing business.


Working in the diversity of the international business setting has forced me to develop ways to understand customer chains as they apply inside and outside corporate structures and to develop programs that meet customer needs in ways that offer competitive advantage to the company and its customers. (Internally, “customers” means employees; externally, the term covers the users of the company’s goods and services, including various government and regulatory groups that are not normally considered in the customer chain.) Managing diversity for competitive advantage, I developed processes for gaining, storing, and sharing knowledge in ways that make it usable across national and cultural boundaries. The processes include (1) cultural alignment models; (2) business processes; (3) data base systems that allow the creation of “real” time applications; (4) strategic models that offer competitive advantage to the users and their customers; and (5) career planning models that treat employees as customers, thus offering them superior development and training. All of these systems and programs have value professionally and personally and have been implemented successfully in business settings in various parts of the world. I am currently applying a set of models developed in Asia, integrating both qualitative and quantitative data, to a project in Bulgaria. Initial findings have been informative and further analysis will provide new understanding of Bulgarian organizational culture and values and how they, in some cases, relate to those of US corporations. These efforts have resulted in one published paper and another under review. In addition, IREX has sponsored one summer research session. In addition these models have been applied to the Binghamton School of Management during my tenure as Dean.


I started two pharmaceutical companies from ground up in Indonesia for the Upjohn Company and Schering-Plough Corporation. This included hiring and developing employees for marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, and personnel, selection of appropriate distributors, and negotiations with government officials and joint-venture partners. Local staff gained senior management positions quickly and performed well. Both companies returned a profit within 3 years of start-up and continue to be profit earners for their corporations.


I created, negotiated, and obtained approval within Norwich Eaton and from our Japanese partners for a unique strategic alliance concept that offers superior rewards to both parties. I also negotiated a strategic alliance in Australia between Norwich Eaton and the Sigma Company that has resulted in significant business improvements for both companies.


I have successfully led business turnarounds in the Philippines, Colombia and Australia. Each success was based on the needs of the company and requirements imposed by local conditions and government. The Philippine case required managerial improvements coupled with implementation and execution of effective marketing plans for existing products. The Colombian case required construction of a local production facility. The Australian case required a strategic alliance, the introduction of new products, and substantial staff improvements through development and improved recruiting.


I created and executed a multi-year product relaunch of Erythrocin for Abbott Laboratories that is viewed as an industry model for relaunches. The program expanded growth from a rate of 6% per annum to 28% per annum over a 4-year period. Sales expanded from $75 MM to $150 MM during this time. The fundamentals used in this relaunch were reapplied to Macrodantin at Norwich Eaton and resulted in a similar success story. In both cases success was due, in part, to the creation and execution of a core marketing concept.


During my last 8 years of working in Procter and Gamble I developed and led the implementation of a unique field selling system. This system has been rolled out in The Philippines, Australia, the Gulf States, and Canada and is largely responsible for the leadership position of these subsidiaries in sales growth performance in Norwich Eaton. This material forms the basis of a chapter in a book edited by Dr. John Sherry.


Bulgarian, Spanish, German