I teach International Business, International Marketing, Global Strategy, Communications, Organizational Development, the European Union, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. I also teach Global Human rights at the undergraduate level. These courses interrelate the study of specific locales, global issues, economics, politics, history, and religion with management theory. The content of my courses is based on true management cases and on my own non-academic experience. I use the diversity within the classroom itself as a springboard to exploring cross-cultural issues; when group projects are assigned, I make certain that each group reflects the diversity of the class members themselves. All courses have components of social responsibility, global environments, national economics, and require critical thinking.

I encourage students to do a portion of their assignments working in a second language (within Language and Culture Across the Curriculum) they know. These students work with graduate student language resource specialists who are School of Management students. The students are able to practice the language and gain many cultural insights from the reading and discussion.

I also encourage students to be keen observers, alert to cultural differences, and confident in their own knowledge and the lessons experience teaches. Students learn to think about leadership, management, cultures and the individual in a holistic fashion.

Explore the links at the bottom to view the courses I teach at Binghamton University's School of Management. The syllabi and assignments are not exact for the current semester but do reflect the nature and amount of work students must put into the course. All courses are run on the Web and require reasonable computer skills.

I have experimented with a team-taught, web-based distance-learning leadership course taught for Bulgarian managers who conduct business in the European Union with real time seminars, on-line office hours and a chat room. This is being done with a team of five Binghamton professors.

I have served on five PHD committees in the School of Management and the Departments of Anthropology, and History.